Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Days!

I really planned to blog more regularly. I did. Really. I did blog more...just not for my own blog. (Check out the wonderful work on the Ten Talents Presents blog. If I do say so myself.) The Ten Talents Ministry is something that my hubby, Charles, and I are passionate about and have really been throwing most of our energy into these last few weeks. We are seeing some really exciting results. God has been so good to us opening so many doors.

Now if I could just be pumped up to have this much energy for getting back on track with my eating and fitness plan. I have realized over the past weeks, that I really need to get myself exercising and eating right again because I really need the energy to keep up with everything. My back has been bothering me again, but thankfully walking, lunges, and marching have helped to keep it loose. A few laps of that every day and I'm feeling pretty good. Hopefully, I can get some pounds off and get the pressure off my back. I've found that even just a few pounds make a big difference. I know eating better would really help this...but that's for another blog.

Well last week the DFW area had record snow fall. I never thought I would tell my son stories about walking up hill in a foot of snow in TX (and it actually be true!). I happened to be working in a building that had no water because of a water leak, so I had to trek to my house next door in A FOOT OF SNOW to use the bathroom. Walking in snow really works the leg muscles. Making snow angels in the snow and throwing snow balls works the arm muscles too. Chasing Charlie in the snow really burns calories . Overall, my winter weather work out was fun and challenging.

Here are a few pictures from our Winter Wonderland!

Charlie playing in the snow. He absolutely loved it!

Charlie and Mommy being goofy for the camera.

Me walking to work in the snow.

Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm trying blogging on the go now. It's obvious that I've been a bit behind on posting to my blog...mostly because I am constantly doing something. If it can't get done on my phone sometimes it just doesn't get done. Well this year I decided that I really wanted to make an effort to keep my blog more up to date. Thankfully, google was kind enough to add a mobile option to my blog.
To catch up from where my last entry left off... I have been working a lot at the church. While administration is mostly my area, I've had a lot of opportunities to get more involved in ministry. It's nice to work with a group of people who are willing to not only listen to my wacky ideas, but are also willing to try a few of them. More to come soon.