Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jump Off The Wheel Already

There's nothing like taking a month-long break in between posts right smack in the middle of blog series. Sometimes, though, you've just got to set your priorities and do what you can do. I love the saying, "All you can do is all you can, and that's enough." I find myself having to live by this in the organized chaos that is my life. There are days I find myself looking back at what I've done or what I'm in the process of doing, and I think 'Wow! This is kind of crazy.' I can easily find myself picking up new things before I consider how they will affect what I'm already doing. That's where sitting back, taking stock, and setting your priorities comes into play. All of this is to say, perhaps I should have considered what all was happening in my life before I committed to writing a series. However, since the series was on anxiety, I didn't let it stress me out to the point of triggering an anxiety attack ;-) Sometimes you've just got to jump off the wheel already and take a step out of the rat race. It's my desire to pick up with anxiety series over the weekend, and hopefully have it completed by the end of next week.

The last month has been quite busy in our corner of the world. Chas has been busy with Ten Talents concerts. We had five concerts in one week last month. Not all of them were our concerts, but we were either hosting them, promoting them, or just being fans. It seems like we've come so far over the past 6 months since we began Ten Talents. It has been such a learning process. Looking back, I can see just how God ordered our steps. It's been tiring and fun. This ministry is dynamic and alive, and is always changing a little here and there. We've been so blessed by it as a family and have met so many amazing people.

The other thing that had us all a-buzz was that C5 started kindergarten at the beginning of September. Let me just say that I can't believe my baby started school. Starting school for C5 was a big deal. Lots of prayer and consideration went into deciding where we would be sending him to school, and what we felt would be the best educational opportunity for him. In the end, Chas and I decided that a hybrid of homeschool and private school would be the best option for not only C5 but also for our family. I'm thankful that the Lord is giving us this opportunity, and that we live in a country where we have the freedom to make this decision for our child. I'll be writing more about our adventures in homeschooling in a later post... and it has certainly been an adventure.

Until then... Blessings!