Saturday, April 30, 2011

5 Things in Life I Learned From Being A Church Secretary

I'm a church secretary. It's a job title that encompasses a lot of different things. It's rarely boring, often surprising, and occasionally bizarre. It's the job I was born to do, or maybe I was born doing it??? For most of my life, I watched my mom be a church secretary. I spent a lot of my time in church offices doing something. If there's a job in a church, I've probably done it. Being a church secretary is something I never thought I would "grow up" to be, but sometimes God has other plans. The time in my life I have served as a church secretary (in 3 churches actually) have been enlightening, rewarding, and challenging all at the same time. I have been blessed and confused all at the same time. I've met some lovely people, and some not-so-lovely people.

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day last week, here are the 5 Things in Life I Learned From Being A Church Secretary:

1. I may not always understand His ways, but I know that God always has a plan.

2. Just because someone is church-folk doesn't mean they're going to be nice. People are people. Don't hold that against God.

3. Love your neighbor as yourself - even when they are driving you bonkers. Just remember you've probably driven someone crazy before.

4. Nothing compares to seeing the light of Christ shine through someone.

5. It's not your job to please everyone, but it is your job to please the One who matters most. Balance and boundaries are key, because someone will walk right over you and keep tap-dancin' on your face if you let 'em.


Friday, April 29, 2011

5 Things in Life I Learned From My Pig

Everyone, this is Jack. For today's royal occasion she is Lady Jackalean of Bedfordshire. Most days she's known as Jack, Jackie, Jack E. Piggles, Fatty McGee, or Fatso. Here's a bonus lesson I've learned: Don't talk about your pig, Fatso, when someone of the heftier persuasion might accidentally overhear you without having a picture of said pig available to display.

Jack is a potbellied pig aka DIVA. She was adopted from the Living Nativity scene at our church last Christmas when she was just a wee itty-bitty piggy. Isn't she a little cutiepatootie? My husband would probably beg to differ (I love you, Honey!). Jack lives for eating, scratching, eating some more, scratching, eat...well you get the point. She barks like a dog and sleeps under a blanket with her head on a pillow.

So on day two of the 5 series, here are the 5 Things in Life I Learned From My Pig:
1. A little mystery keeps life exciting. I think this one deserves an explanation. When we adopted Jack, we were told that she was a he. We respected his/her privacy for the first few weeks, but it soon became obvious that she was a girlie.

2. Take time to slow down a little - get a good back scratch, smell the flowers. Being in a hurry is overrated. Watching someone else who is in hurry chase you out of the backyard and into the house like a mad lunatic is priceless.

3. Sometimes you have to throw your weight around to have your voice heard.

4. Hiding your head under your favorite blanket will not make your problems go away.

And last, but not least...

5. The grass may be greener on the other side, but there might be a mean person on the other side chasing you out of the neighbor's yard.


Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yes. It's true. I'm going to attempt another blog series. Nothing quite as dramatic as the last one I attempted about dealing with my anxiety. This one is going to be short, sweet, and to the point...5 points to be exact. Most of all, I think it is going to be FUN! And lets face it, we all need a little fun in our lives.

So in honor of May, the 5th month, being just around the corner, and C5 (Yep, he's the 5th) being 5 for just a couple of more months, I've decided to do 5 posts (hopefully in 5 days) with 5 points. Do you see a pattern forming here?

5 is the a fun least in my house it is. Doing a little background info about the number 5, I saw that the Biblical meaning for the number deals with grace and redemption. It has to do with lives being moved by the Spirit. That just made me think how much I have been blessed by God's amazing grace. Life in the Spirit is never boring!

So lets kick off the 5 series with 5 Random Things About Me...
1. My favorite radio talks shows are about fishing, cars, and gardening.
2. My uncommon phobia is a fear of balloons popping. This is either considered globophobia - the fear of balloons or ligyrophobia - the fear of loud noises.
3. I'm a community gardener.
4. I'm in the process of reading the entire New Testament. I've probably read it all over time, but never in order from beginning to end.
5. I collect tattoos. I've got about 13 right now.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

'Chelle Part 9,994 - The Mommy Years

I'm relatively convinced that my son is the reason for the glut of sequels coming out of Hollywood. Ok. Maybe the dude isn't the reason for the massive amount of sequels, but he definitely helps keep the sequels in business. In his short life of 5.75 years, he has been conditioned by the Hollywood machine to ask for sequels. Here's how a recent conversation about movies went: "Momma. Momma. Can we watch that crack movie?" "You mean 2012, Dude?" "Yes, Momma." *Momma turns on the crack movie.* "No, Momma. The NEEEWWW crack movie. Not this one." "This is the only crack movie, Bubba. There isn't a sequel." "Well they should make a new one. This one is old." This generally happens with every movie we watch.

Maybe I should tell him that 2012 is a remake of another movie? Nah. Besides, I'm a sequel gal myself.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bon Voyage, Vacation!

Today is the last day of my vacation. Can you hear the sobs? It was a lovely stay-cation. It was equal parts fun (shootin' up bad guys at Legoland) and productive (you can actually see the surfaces of my kitchen counters and dining room table). The best part about the week was that I just got to be 'Chelle - momma and wife. I got to tend to my home and wash dishes and cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I got to enjoy myself and my family without being too tired to feel up to doing things.

I'm a whole lot nicer person when I'm on vacation. Maybe I was meant to be a retiree? I felt empty, and now I feel full of sunshine, blessings, love, and 5 year-old smiles. Vacations are nice!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Under Construction

I've come to the realization about three things: 1. I'm such an irregular blogger (going 2,3,6 months between posting), 2. I'm such an irregular blogger because my posts are generally long-winded (yeah I said it), 3. Lately I've been thinking in random blips of funny and 'Chelle-osophy (can you get what I'm hinting at here?).

Like my life, this blog is constantly in a state of being under construction. I'm changing the format a bit so that I will (hopefully) be more likely to post in a more timely manner (at least a month between posts) with my wacky schedule. Look for more posts, more often, and shorter than a small novel. Mostly just random thoughts that fly through the mind that is 'Chelle.