Thursday, November 29, 2012

Life Lately: November Edition

Could it actually be the end of November already??? Where did the time go? That means Christmas and BUSY are right around the corner. Working in ministry, the end of year goes so quickly and gets so hectic. I'm savoring the last few days of November before the craziness of December rolls in.

Here is what happened in November according to my Instagram addiction:

Elementary-aged boys full of hot air + Raingutters full of water = Cub Scouts Rain Gutter Regatta: This is the Dude's second year to participate in his Pack's event. He had a wonderful time this year and actually won a few of his heats. Cub Scouts has been a great experience for him.

Hanging of the Green: After our church's Thanksgiving meal fellowship, some of us went over to start working on decorating the church for the Christmas season. I enjoy being a part of decorating the church, but I think what I enjoy most is watching the Dude grow up and participating. He and his friend X helped with decorating the trees. Such fun!

Turkeys on Turkey Day: Thanksgiving in Texas was wonderful and warm. We were blessed to have been able to visit with most of our family, especially one of the hubby's grandmas who recently moved here from Arkansas. Once the turkey haze started setting in, the Dude and I took to Instagram for a little photo fun. That's him being cool and me just being his mom.

Random Acts of Craftiness: My sweet momma's birthday is in November (Happy Birthday, Mo!), and this year she asked me to transform a vase for her. I'll be posting more about that later, but it sure was fun to get out some Mod Podge (best stuff ever) and pop in the cd of one of my favorite bands, Don't Wake Aislin (awesome people and awesome music), and just create something.

No Shave November: Ok so the Dude is a little young to participate in that, but doesn't he just look stachetastic?

Well that's our life lately. What's going on in your world?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Edition of Midweek Confessions

I so enjoy the Midweek Confession posts over at E, Myself, and I. Mostly because it makes me feel like I'm not the only crazy mom in the world (and by crazy I mean loving and a little exhausted). Now that the Dude is 7, he's starting to recognize my craziness loveliness. Fortunately, he's about as odd ball as I am, so it all evens out.

So let the confessions begin!

- My favorite and most comfortable pair of black flats else do I put this?...STINKY. We live in Texas, so that means they made it through the sweaty feet of the hot spring, the uber-sweaty feet of the sweltering summer, and the sweaty feet of the warmer than usual fall. Just like we wait on the first freeze to kill all the bugs. In my house, we also wait for the first freeze to kill the stinky in our shoes. No such luck. I'll just continue to spray massive amount of Oust in my shoes daily.

-I have this thing about combining contrasting flavors of food. It has caused me to crave some very interesting combinations lately. Fluffernutter sandwiches. Apple pie with cheddar cheese. Frosties with french fries. Yam casserole with tortilla chips. No, it's not a pregnancy thing. Just a weird taste combination thing.

-Yesterday was a craptacular day. Basically, just a crappy day. Now on an overall scale of crappyness, the day probably ranked relatively low. I still found myself at one point crying to my sweet momma, "Aren't I allowed to have a bad day too? Is that alright with everyone?" I know I should be thankful that people were kind enough to wonder about why I wasn't my normal self, but the truth was I just wanted to get through my day without having to give some half-true answer about what was really bothering me. Some days are just crappy days. 14 hours of sleep later , and I'm feeling much better.

- Nerd love: When a glass of wine and an episode of MythBusters becomes a romantic evening. Yeah I <3 br="br" nerds="nerds">

-Last Saturday our church had a rummage sale where my son and I for a mere $2 purchased endless hours of fun. You'd probably call it junk. We call it FUN! (Pictures to be posted soon)

-In a couple of weeks, the hubs and I will celebrate our 8th anniversary. Some girls like diamonds. I asked for him to help me paint the front door and shutters on our house...And I love that that wasn't weird to him!

-I think my 7 year old likes Pinterest about as much as I do. Is this bad???

So that's the crazy in my life these days.
Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 5, 2012


Here are a few of my random thoughts to start off the week:

1. The first week or so of changing back to Standard time is great because my internal clock is too confused to not wake up early. 

2. My brain can't help but associate thing - even serious things - with something that makes me laugh. For instance, yesterday while listening to a guest speaker, I couldn't help but thing how much she sounded like a pirate when she got excited. Fortunately, I share this character flaw with my husband, so I always have someone to snicker with. 

3. Fluffernutter sandwiches. That. Is. All. 

Happy Monday, friends. What are some of your random thoughts to start the week off with?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Life Lately: October Edition

I often find myself having to post "Life Lately" posts on this blog to play catch up. The past two weeks have been relatively hectic. Hectic is apparently my normal state, but at least it keeps life interesting.

Here is a photo breakdown of our life lately.

I was blessed to be invited by some friends to join them for a hospitality conference. We had an amazing time! The Lord really used that conference to prepare me for some things that would be coming up in the weeks following. 

IllumiNATION Radio had a very special guest in studio one Monday night. The Dude joined us to talk all things Christian rock...and to play games on momma's tablet in the corner. 

My beautiful momma had knee replacement surgery two weeks ago. She'll be back to doing high kicks like a Rockette in no time! I gained a new appreciation for nurses and caretakers during those two weeks. More on my adventures in housekeeping coming soon!

It's Fall Fest time! This year, Halloween found our family at 3! Fall Festivals. We had a great time at each of them. The Dude went as an "Army Man" to all 3. His costume included a very realistic looking bazooka thanks to his PaPa. Thanks to a little search on Google we found an idea of a way we could incorporate rock music into our Trunk or Treat decor. We played some rockin' tunes, handed out lots of candy...and at the end of the night The Dude decided that he would like to add a neck collar and backboard to his costume with a quick trip in an ambulance to the ER. Praise the Lord, he was checked out and all is well! There is nothing like the power of prayer. 

That's our life lately. What have you been up to???