Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What A Weekend

Chas, C5, and I had quite a weekend. It was fun and amazing and uber (Chas' favorite word) busy. I love being busy most of the time. I like to be out and about doing things, as long as I get to be busy with my family. I was completely off my schedule, though, with eating. My stomach didn't exactly appreciate it, but I got through it.

I kicked off the weekend on Thursday night by making a Christmas ornament to give to my aunt and her new husband. They got married on Sunday afternoon, so I thought a Christmas ornament would be something fun. I've discovered this love for making ornaments, and this was the perfect opportunity to get back into it. Here's a picture of the ornament. Please ignore the messy playroom in the background.

Friday was a busy day and night. We were all over the place getting things ready for the TTM concert on Saturday. I did get to sneak in a little fun, though. A friend of mine had a Swag Swap on Friday evening, and it was so great. Not only did I get some good finds (who doesn't love cute free clothes?), I also won an awesome doorprize. The swag bag goodies were fabulous too! One of the goodies in my swag bag was a hair bow by Flirty Flair that I am totally in love with. It is so cute, and fun, and girlie. Of course, I had to sport it all weekend (nothing like standing out with a bright pink flower at a rock concert). It also helped me dress things up for the wedding on Sunday.

Saturday was quite the busy day! I started off the morning with a 5k training walk with the group from church. It was great. I intended just to do 20 minutes, but ended up staying an hour and walking 3 miles. Not too bad. I'll talk more about my training last week in another post. I learned some very valuable lessons.

After 5k training, I ran home to send the hubby out the door to get things ready for the concert that evening, and got myself ready to go out to lunch with my mom and sister. We had such a blast. I enjoy being with my mom and sister so much. Those two ladies know how to have fun and we always have a good laugh when we're together.

Saturday afternoon and night we spent at the TTM Presents: TX Throwdown for Haiti. It was such an awesome concert! Ten bands, lots of friends, and some rockin' music. We spent the evening rockin' out for Jesus and raising money for a wonderful cause (Hands and Feet Project for Haiti). It was great. C5 had the best time of all I think. At one point he was dancing and moshing (barefoot and shirtless). The boy loves his rock music and loves to dance. He cracks me up.

No time to rest on Sunday. We had church, and then we quickly headed to the other side of Dallas to go to my aunt's wedding. It was such a wonderful time. The bride was beaming and beautiful, and I love the fact that after the wedding they went bowling! I have a crazy big (or is that big and crazy) family, so every get together is something fun!

After a fun-filled, busy weekend, I was happy to have Monday off to spend with my two favorite guys.

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