Thursday, December 20, 2012

IllRad Christmas Wish List

Is it just me, or does it feel like time speeds up between Thanksgiving and Christmas? I am generally a busy person, as you can see from my blog posts or lack thereof. When the holidays roll around, it feels like life goes into hyperdrive.

I've mentioned it a few times, but the hubs and I host a weekly internet radio show called Illumination Radio. Last Monday was our Christmas show! We had a blast. Since this was our first Christmas on the air, we decided to do something fun and include "The IllRad Christmas Wish List". On the list, we included a few of our favorite things, a few things on our wish lists, and a "Wish List for 2013" from some of the charities and ministries that we have spotlighted on the show over the past 7 months.

Here are a few things I included on the list.

1. "Love Song" from the Created to Create, a screen print art collection created by Vision City. Vision City is the graphic design and photography studio of Melanie Greenwood in Southern California. Melanie is the wife of Manafest. Vision City launched in 2011 and focuses most of its energies on music branding, cover artwork, and promotional campaigns. It includes two of my favorite things: love and music.  (Picture Source)

2. TOMS Kitty Sunglasses: But honestly any of their sunglasses are pretty groovy. The best part about purchasing anything from TOMS, shoes or sunglasses, is the One for One policy of TOMS. You're used to the buy a pair of shoes and a pair of shoes is given to a child in need, but when you purchase a pair of sunglasses, your purchase will help give the gift of sight by either providing prescription glasses or necessary sight-saving surgery or medical treatment. *Be sure to take advantage of Ten Talents Ministry's $5 discount when you type in the code XFEST at checkout at the online store. (Picture Source)

3. Through the Night: Ia young adult fiction book by Lynette Theisen. I fell in love with this book as soon as I started reading it. I literally couldn't put it down. The small town life of the 16 year-old, Skillet-loving (the band not the kitchen pan) heroine of the book is turned upside down when she begins to have unexpected feelings for the new boy in school. Her life and the life of those around her are changed forever in the spiritual warfare that ensues. Great Christian fiction no matter how old you are. (Picture Source)

4. Bleeding Heart Scoodie from Custom Catastrophes: Is it a scarf? Is it a hoodie? It's a scoodie! . Custom Catastrophes is a fashion line created by Ariel of Icon for Hire. Ariel has a passion for handmade fashion and a love of the unique. (Picture Souce)

5. Are You Gentlemen Prisoners Here?: This is the photography book of David Hostetter who also happens to be the singer and guitarist of punk band Children 18:3. Gotta love the panda and the raccoon on the cover. (Picture Source)

When I started thinking of items that I wanted to include on the list, I knew that it had to be interesting and unique. I love Christian Rock music, and I have been blessed to meet some really amazing artisans and musicians through Illumination Radio and Ten Talents Ministry. I had so much fun putting together this list.

Merry Christmas!

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