Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Recap: Run for Rescue 5k

Last Saturday was a great morning for the 4th Annual Run for Rescue 5k at First UMC in Colleyville, TX. Considering that North Texas can't decide if it's Winter, Spring, or Summer yet, the weather was quite pleasant.

Rocking out the start . 
(Side Note: Love that this person with Peace on her t-shirt seemed to make it in so many of my pictures from race day)

This was my first 5k in quite a while. I had every intention of training and walking/jogging in at 45 minutes or less, but my health and schedule just didn't seem to cooperate. That's ok, though. 5k is a great distance for me. I enjoy walking it and love the vibe and encouragement I get from going to events. 

The FUMC Bedford Running / Walking Group. Doggies welcome!

It is so wonderful to have friends and teammates to run and walk with. Some are experienced runners. Some aren't. It doesn't matter. It's just encouraging to have someone out there with you. 

 These are my training buddies C and Claire. 

I didn't quite finish in the time I had wanted, but I was definitely proud of my time. While I was on the course, I couldn't help but think how grateful for the ability just to be walking and how blessed I am to have family and friends cheering me on. I couldn't help but be thankful!

And here's what was waiting for me at the Finish Line:

C5's adorable smiling face and...

My first pancake in quite a while (more on that and my 24 Day Challenge in another post)

I was so sad to wake up this morning and hear about the 8 year-old boy who was killed in the explosions at the finish line at yesterday's Boston Marathon. I had my own almost 8 year-old waiting on me at the finish line. It didn't even cross my mind during the race that something so sad and tragic could happen. It just reminds me how precious life is and to treasure every moment spent with the ones we love. Our family's thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by this tragedy. 


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