Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it!" 
Yogi Berra

The 2.5 of you who regularly read this blog may have noticed that Chas and I have been hosting an internet radio show this past year called IllumiNATION Radio. Internet radio was something that the hubs and I had considered doing since the start of our concert ministry, Ten Talents, back in 2010. In May of 2012, the time was finally right for us to make the leap into radio. 

Our very first guests on IllumiNATION Radio - This City Awaits

IllumiNATION Radio was a great addition to Ten Talents, and it was super fun! Even when things were completely crazy - and that happened quite a few times - I was totally loving it! Mostly because I was loved spending a few hours each week doing this crazy radio thing with my best friend. 

Chas & I rockin' in the IllRad studio!

There have been a lot of wonderful and fun moments over the past year, but the time has come for IllumiNATION Radio to come to an end. While it is difficult for us to walk away, we both feel that it is the right decision for our ministry and our family at this point in time. 

Our 8th anniversary fell on an IllRad night. We had a blast!

So next Monday night will be our last show. We definitely want to thank everyone one who has tuned into the show over the past year. Thank you for sharing your Monday nights with us. Chas and I have appreciated your support and your friendship along this journey. Thanks to the AMAZING bands and musicians that we have had the pleasure of interviewing and playing the music of on IllumiNATION Radio. You are the reason we enjoyed this experience so much. Keep up the good fight! Thanks, also, to Sammi G and the Fishbowl team for giving us a place to play our crazy Jesus music each week. 

The Dude even joined us on the show a few times. 

I'm looking forward to the next phase of the journey (which I'll be posting about soon) with a few tears in my eyes, but I have peace and am excited about where we are headed. I hope that someday the Lord will see fit to bring the internet radio opportunity back around because I sure enjoyed yappin' away on the internet each week. Until then...


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