Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Big 3-0!

This is a picture of me with the guys from Seventh Day Slumber and Kiros. That's my hottie hubby on the end in green.

Yep! I did it. I turned 30. I have heard from many a brave lady who has gone before me into that unknown territory of having a 3 in front of your age. Each one had their own experience - some sad, hysterically tearful, or blissfully happy - so I wasn't quite sure what I thought turning 30 would be like. Age is just a number, in my opinion. Because I had older parents, they always lived out the idea that you are as young as you feel. Therefore it was no shock when my 65 year-old father came home with the kit to build an airplane, or when my mom went back to college at the age of 66. You can have adventures at any age, so I was looking forward to turning 30.

And did I turn 30 with a bang! On my birthday we had a Ten Talents concert scheduled, so I knew that I would be busy...too busy to think about getting older in case I had a mental meltdown about turning 30 (you never know what those wacky hormones are going to do). I didn't have much of a choice about wardrobe since I was going to be working with the Crew (Yes! Rock'n'roll roadie on my b-day). I decided to liven things up by painting my nails hot pink, wearing hot pink shoes, and throwing my hair up in pig tails. I had one goal in mind for the day: Not to act my age! Be careful what you mention on Facebook, it just might turn up! About half way through the day, one of my wonderful co-workers brought me a hot pink feather boa! It was fabulous! It went perfectly with the outfit. Flash forward a few hours, and I was jamming front and center like a kid listening to one of my favorite bands, Seventh Day Slumber.

Overall, the day was wonderful. I even got to have 2 more birthday celebrations after that day, but turning 30 at a rock concert was fun! The concert was great. Seventh Day Slumber, Kiros, and gravity liberation front are all bands you need to check out!

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