Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday C5!

Yesterday my baby officially turned 5. I can't believe he's 5. I know. I know. Parents always say that. One day that little baby you were holding becomes that grown up having kids of their own. Okay, so C5 isn't a grown up with kids of his own yet, but it doesn't take long. As a parent, there are days that feel like they will painfully go on forever (like that day I brilliantly thought C5 would enjoy the art museum) and days that we wish would go on forever (like the the day that he conquered climbing the rocks at his park). There's the things that they say like their first words (Momma for the record), the things they say that you wished they'd never picked up from you (yes, he got what the hell? from me), and then the goofy things he says that just make me laugh like "Momma you're freaking me out like a green bean". The frustrating moments of being a parent are quickly and overwhelmingly diminished by the happy moments, and there have been so many of those.

I fell in love with that little boy the moment I heard his heartbeat and saw him on a sonogram. We were connected from the moment I knew I was carrying him in my belly. He was on my schedule from the get-go. If I was awake and moving around, he was active in my belly. If I was asleep, he was sleeping. Before he was born, he loved Johnny Cash and loud action movies - just like his momma. Then came that day that C5 came into the world to an audience of family - a daddy, a papa, a meemaw, a great aunt, a cousin- and a host of medical staff. We fought hard that day - 24 hours to be exact - but that day I realized two things about my little boy: 1.He was a fighter. 2. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

And in 5 years it has been an exciting adventure. There have been so many sweet memories in 5 years. I love that my kid's favorite foods are the foods I craved when I was pregnant. He is a picky eater, and it is so funny to see him make this funny face when he doesn't want to eat something. He loves Mummy movies, Indiana Jones, treasure movies, and Star Trek. C5 loves treasure hunts and doing just about anything outdoors. He loves the big kids at church and is right at home there. He loves meeting "rocket stars" aka rock bands that come perform for Ten Talents concerts. He tries to draw God and wants to know more about Jesus. The boy can move too. Watching his interpretive dance (and that's all you can call it) is so hilarious. If he isn't dancing front and center at concerts, then he making laps around the concert because he just seems to feel the music. C5 is fiercely independent and quite stubborn, but he is always curious and likes having someone around all the time to play with. He is full of life and adventure, unique and creative. He does things his own way, which as a parent can be a bit perplexing, but it's fun to see how his mind processes things. I hope that those things that make him so special don't change because they make him so much fun. I hope that they evolve and grow as he does.

Happy birthday, C5! I am so thankful for you, and I love you.

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