Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Time is Here

I've been such a boring blogger lately, but it seems this is only the case on my blog. I've been contributing and maintaining the TTM blog as well as another blog. My healthy living plan took a bit of a back seat between Mother's Day and Memorial Day, and now I am really paying for it. I think I've written about it about a million times, but when it comes to health I seem to be my own worst enemy. I know what makes me sick to eat - physically ill/doubled over in pain if I eat too much of it, and here I am chowing down on it like I know it's not going to eventually catch up to me. HELLO CHELLE! I know better than this, yet I fall into that same trap of my own making. I don't saboteurs. I am my own saboteur. Arg! The positive point to all of this is even though I'm back to square one, I don't have a choice about what I eat. I really have to be careful or I'll spend months instead of a few weeks trying to get my system straightened out.

Summer is here - at least the temperatures suggest that summer is here. There is just something about summer that screams nostalgia. The start of summer for me is the first time that I see a firefly. We don't get as many since we live in the city, but I still love sitting on my parents' porch swing just as the sun is going down and watching the fireflies dance around the backyard. I used to sit on that swing for hours listening to the lake, feeling the warm summer breeze, and watching those fireflies. Now I enjoy sitting on that swing watching the dude chasing after those bugs-whose-butts-light-up.

Isn't it sad that we spend half of our lives (well half of my life at this point) looking forward to summer vacations - 3 months off to sleep in, go on vacation, have a carefree schedule and then one day you wake up and realize that summer is just another day to wake up and go to work. Oh well. I still love the warm weather and all the things about summer that let me remember my childhood. This summer is going to be a busy one with all of the Ten Talents concerts that we have planned, but I hope I can sneak in a few fun days at the pool and maybe even a road trip.


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