Friday, November 13, 2009

The Weirdness

Is there a wrinkle in the fabric of the universe that is causing bizarre things to happen that someone forgot to mention? The past two weeks in our corner of the universe have just been odd. That's the only way to explain it. I guess it's just the way life works. Weird things happen. Things go back to "normal". It's just the cyclical motion of life. Maybe it's a good thing when all the weird things happen at once, so we can get them out of the way. At least it keeps life interesting. Of course, it can be those little foxes that creep in and throw us off our plans and knock us off the track toward achieving our goals. That's why it is important to have/know three things:
1. Know that God has a plan for you . We may not always understand it, but He does.
2. Have a clear, concise mental picture of what your goals are, so that in tough times you will be able to keep your eye on the prize and not be distracted.
3. Always look for joy in your journey. There will always be a little something there to make you smile.
I have to admit that I am one who has found myself way off track thanks to those pesky foxes. Sometimes it only takes the littlest thing. You think it won't matter, but suddenly it does. One day it's just drinking a soda or skipping one work out, soon it's drinking a bunch of soda and realizing you haven't worked out in a month. Sometimes you have to be spontaneous and just enjoy a special treat or an extra 30 minutes in bed, but if you don't have a clear plan to your goals, it is that much easier to hit the snooze button every morning and let your cravings over take your desire to be healthy.
So this morning when I woke up and wasn't feeling well, I thought I might just skip my working out. I thought I'd done enough this week, but something inside me said to get up. Get up and at least do 10 minutes of exercise. I was a little slower than normal, but decided to do 20 minutes instead. I won't lie. I thought about just stopping quite a few times, but then I remembered how much better I've been feeling and how much more empowered I feel when I do work out. I didn't want to give in. I even tried a new workout (that I most likely will skip in the future). A jumping workout with a stomach ache is not the wisest move, but at least I can say I did it!

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