Thursday, June 21, 2012

Love At First Sight

Today is a special day. The Dude turns 7. I can't believe it's been 7 years since he burst into our lives...Ok, he didn't burst so much as he took his sweet time (24 hours to the minute) to get here. In the end, it took a funny looking doctor and 2 pairs of ice cream scoops to coax him out. But it was all so worth it!

That's the funny thing about motherhood. No matter what pain you have gone through to get your bundle of joy out into the world, it all melts away the moment you see that little life for the very first time. Now I'm certain this is probably part of God's amazing human creation and how our momma  hormones work, but I'm also convinced that it is the ultimate love at first sight.

I fell in love the moment I knew this boy was in my belly, but I was head over heels when I got to hold him for the very first time.

He's not that little baby anymore. In fact he's gone from calling me mommy to calling me mom. He's learning and growing more each day. He's thinking about what kind of man he is going to grow up to be. I love him more with every new thing I learn about him. He's quirky and fun, sweet and lovely, stubborn and smart. He's full of adventure and wonder. He's all boy!

Happy Birthday, C5!

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