Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ready. Set. Go!

Today I did something that I haven't done in a long time - I RAN! Today my friend and I met at the park for one of our walking meet-ups. It's a little hard to do with two 4 year-olds, but we usually get in at least 1-2 miles in every time we walk. It might take us a little longer since we have the kiddos, but it still is a pretty good distance.

Most days the kids are willing to keep walking with the promise of playing on the playground , but today the dude just didn't seem to be able to keep his interest in our walk. So to change things up a little bit, I raced with C5. It was so much fun. Our path is about .40 of a mile, so we raced for about a .10 of a mile, walked for .10 of a mile, then raced another .10 of a mile, and so on. We did that about 5 times. For my marathon-running pals this isn't much at all, but for this 240 pound gal, it really is alot. I had fun doing it too. Playing with the dude didn't feel like exercise. It felt nice to be able to run.

I really haven't been much of a runner. Even when I was in shape, running really wasn't my thing. I prefer exercise that doesn't feel like exercise - yoga, dance, walking. Running/playing chase with the dude might just become a new addition to my workout...maybe dare I say a new running routine?

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