Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day Two of the Miles for Monika Challenge

Day Two of the Miles for Monika Challenge:
Time frame: 2 weeks
Group goal: 181 miles
Personal goal: 30 miles
Personal total: 2.5 miles
I have been friends with one of the most fabulous women, Monika, since high school. She is one of those people that if she wasn't so sweet and awesome that you'd be totally jealous of her - she has a successful career, she is multi-talented, a great cook and cake designer, and an incredible athlete. You get the point. Well Monika is having surgery this week to remove a cyst from her chest and won't be able to do one of the things she loves the most for quite awhile - RUN. Her friend Kelsey came up with this fantastic idea of organizing Miles for Monika.

This was just the motivation that I've been looking for to get my big behind off the couch and get moving. Everyone's miles that they run/jog/walk/hike in the next two weeks counts toward the group goal of 181 miles (the amount of miles Monika ran in two months to win her latest Nike challenge). I missed day one of the challenge because of meetings for work and Charlie being sick, but I was sure glad to be out taking advantage of this beautiful weather to walk at the park. Charlie was feeling much better, so I thought some fresh air would certainly do us both a little good. And it did! Thanks to my great walking team of Carrie (and Claire who always keeps us moving) and Turrisa (and Marissa). They make getting out to walk after a long day of work so worth it. 2.5 miles down. 27.5 miles to go!

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