Monday, March 23, 2009

Days Seven & Eight of the Miles for Monika Challenge

Time Frame: 2 Weeks
Group Goal: 181 Miles
Personal Goal: 30 Miles
Personal Total: 12.8 Miles

Day Seven - I flat ran out of time in the day to workout. Do you ever find that there is just not enough time in the day to fit in one more thing? This was one of those days, so I'll confess that I didn't even make it on the treadmill to try and do a little workout. I was too tired by the end of the night.

Day Eight of the M4M Challenge - Great! Some of my walking buddies and I met at the BBR for a quick walk around the park. I have to say that I was feeling much more confident in my walking after Saturday's workout. I had a meeting at 7:00 tonight, but knew I would have plenty of time to add a few laps to my usual walk. We added two more laps to our usual 5 which added 8/10 of a mile to our walk. I think those extra two laps could become our usual - depending on time.

Overall, I'm quite happy with my progress on this challenge. I know that I will really be pushing it at the end to meet my personal goal for the challenge, but that's ok. I've walked 12.8 miles in the past week which is 12.8 miles more than I walked the weeks before. Now if I could just get my eating on track, I'd be quite happy.

Be blessed everyone!

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